National Tell Ur Crush You Like Them Day

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Hello, lovebirds and hopeless romantics alike, and welcome to the history of National Tell Your Crush You Like Them Day. If the butterflies in your stomach aren't performing a symphony every 24th of April, they probably haven't received the memo yet. But worry not! In this curious journey through amour's timeline, we're sparking up the most blush-inducing day of the year!

When is Tell Ur Crush You Like Them Day?

It's national tell ur crush you like them day on the 24th April.

The History

With 16 online mentions, it might not be as famous as Valentine's Day, but National Tell Your Crush You Like Them Day has its loyal followers. Extra brave souls were particularly active on 24th April 2019, making it a day for the internet love history books!

Setting Hearts Aflutter

The name pretty much gives it away. This day encourages crushing admirers to dust off their fear and confess their feelings. After all, what's life without a dash of adrenaline-filled 'do I, don't I?' every now and then?

Make It Memorable

Revel in the romance and make the confession memorable, create a scavenger hunt perhaps? But remember, the sincerest confessions are often the simplest. Make sure your crush knows this isn't a prank!

Share the Love

This day isn't only about romantic love. Confess to your work coffee crush how much you value those morning cappuccinos or tell your book club crush you love their insights. It's about acknowledging the tiny sparks that add joy to our daily lives.

History behind the term 'Tell Ur Crush You Like Them'


The emergence of social media

In 2004, the term 'tell ur crush you like them' first gained relevance with the rise of social media platforms like MySpace and Facebook. As these platforms gained popularity, people began expressing their romantic feelings publicly through status updates and private messages.


The advent of SMS culture

By 2007, text messaging had become a significant mode of communication, giving rise to a new form of expressing one's feelings. The term 'tell ur crush you like them' began to be used in the context of sending anonymous or direct text messages to confess one's romantic interest.


The popularity of anonymous confession platforms

In 2010, anonymous confession platforms like Formspring and started gaining popularity. These platforms allowed users to ask and answer questions anonymously. 'Tell ur crush you like them' became a common phrase used by people anonymously confessing their feelings for someone.


The rise of YouTube challenges

2013 marked the rise of YouTube challenges, where participants were encouraged to perform various tasks and upload their videos. 'Tell ur crush you like them' became a popular challenge, involving individuals declaring their affection towards someone they admired through personalized videos.


Growth of dating apps and online matchmaking

In 2016, with the exponential growth of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, 'tell ur crush you like them' took on a new dimension. It became associated with expressing interest and initiating conversations on these platforms, encouraging individuals to be more direct about their attraction.


Celebration on social media

In recent years, the phrase 'tell ur crush you like them' has become a popular tagline for social media challenges and events. Users express their affection openly by sharing posts or using specific hashtags, creating a supportive and celebratory environment for confession and expression of romantic feelings.

Did you know?

While the internet history of National Tell Your Crush You Like Them Day may be a bit blurred, the 24th of April 2019 was a particularly flirty day in the digital world. So many heart emojis!


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