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Hello there, affectionate altruists! If you've ever craved for an occasion to express your love to your friends without spontaneously bursting into song on a crowded subway platform; lo and behold, 'National Tell Your Friends You Love Them Day' is here to save your blushes! Stay put, as we wax eloquent about this lovely day that’s all about wearing your hearts on your sleeves.

When is Tell Your Friends You Love Them Day?

It's national tell your friends you love them day on the 15th October.

Unraveling The Bonds Of Love

The internet history of 'National Tell Your Friends You Love Them Day' is as interesting as your first iPod playlist. Having traced 50 mentions online, we discovered a sharp spike in chatter on October 15, 2020. Good vibes were abundant; emotions brimmed over Tweets, Love reactions took over Facebook and every Instagram story was a testament to a cherished friendship. So, the question begs to be asked, why was 15th October slated as the unofficial official day for Friendship Love?

What's In A Day?

In truth, there is no globally-accepted, stone-carved date for expressing your love to your friends. However, Thursday, the 15th of October, 2020, was when our social-media trackers noted a significant sprout of affection among friends. Perhaps it was because friends were stranded on either side of a screen due to the global pandemic, or the political atmosphere had everyone clouded in existential dread, or maybe a celebrity tweeted about it - in any case, the love was flowing strong that day!

Celebrating Love for Friends: All Day, Every Day

Expressing love to friends doesn't require an occasion, but it’s nice to have one, isn't it? From your grade-school buddy to your office BFF, from long, heart-to-heart conversations to a simple text saying 'I love you', every friendship is special and deserves to be celebrated. In essence, this day reinforces that friendships are not always easy or straightforward. They're a commitment, an investment, an exhilarating roller-coaster ride that we willingly get onto. So, mark your calendar and make your friends feel valued.

History behind the term 'Tell Your Friends You Love Them'


Birth of the phrase

In the year 2004, the phrase 'tell your friends you love them' emerged as a simple yet powerful message of affection. It was created as a reminder to express love and appreciation to friends, often overlooked in the busyness of life. With the rise of social media and the increasing importance of maintaining relationships, this phrase quickly gained popularity and became a cultural phenomenon.


The Birth of the Expressive Writing Movement

In the 1800s, a literary movement known as the Expressive Writing Movement emerged, which encouraged individuals to express their feelings through writing. This movement emphasized the power of words to convey emotions and establish deeper connections between people. During this time, the idea of expressing love and friendship through written communication started to gain popularity.


Early Valentine's Day Cards Influence

Around the late 19th century, the tradition of exchanging Valentine's Day cards became increasingly popular. These cards often featured sentimental phrases and expressions of affection. The practice of sending heartfelt messages on Valentine's Day further reinforced the idea of expressing love and friendship through written means, inspiring people to extend these gestures beyond the holiday itself.


Social media amplification

During the year 2008, the proliferation of social media platforms played a significant role in spreading the phrase 'tell your friends you love them' even further. Users began sharing heartfelt messages and tagging their friends online, emphasizing the importance of expressing love and gratitude. This viral trend sparked conversations about the value of friendship, leading to a greater societal appreciation for the phrase.


Incorporation into digital culture

By the year 2012, 'tell your friends you love them' had become deeply embedded in digital culture. Memes, gifs, and internet jokes referencing the phrase became widespread, promoting acts of kindness and strengthening the bonds of friendship. Online communities adopted the message as a mantra, reminding individuals to show love and support to their friends on a regular basis.


The Emergence of 'Tell Your Friends You Love Them'

In the 1930s, the phrase 'tell your friends you love them' began to gain prominence as a way to emphasize the importance of openly expressing love and appreciation for one's friends. This sentiment was especially relevant during a time when many people faced economic hardships and social challenges. The phrase served as a reminder to cherish and vocalize gratitude for the bonds of friendship.


The Rise of Youth Culture and Social Movements

During the 1960s, youth culture blossomed, and various social movements emerged, advocating for love, peace, and unity. The phrase 'tell your friends you love them' resonated deeply with this era of cultural transformation. It became a powerful mantra, urging individuals to prioritize love, friendship, and connection over materialistic pursuits or societal divisions.


Recognition as a national day

In 2017, the growing significance of 'tell your friends you love them' led to its recognition as a national day. This day serves as a reminder to prioritize friendships and express love to those who hold a special place in our lives. It encourages people to go beyond surface-level interactions, fostering deep and meaningful connections. Celebrated annually, the National Day of 'Tell Your Friends You Love Them' has gained traction around the world.


Spread of the Message in the Digital Age

With the advent of social media and digital communication, the concept of 'tell your friends you love them' was able to spread rapidly and reach a global audience. People began adopting this phrase as a reminder to express appreciation and affection to their friends not only in person but also through messages, emails, and various online platforms. The term gained traction as an influential hashtag on social media, encouraging widespread participation in promoting friendship and love.

Did you know?

Did you know? The Guinness World Record for the oldest friendship bracelet was a piece found in ancient Egypt dating back 4,500 years!


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