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Dear reader, put on your brave face now as this one's a wild ride! Based on our monitoring at, it seems that there's indeed a day to celebrate, or maybe commiserate, the cheeky, quirky, or just plain awkward experience of texting your ex. Yep, you heard it right folks, even THAT gets a national day.

When is Text Your Ex Day?

It's national text your ex day on the 31st October.

The Mysterious Origins of National Text Your Ex Day

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, the origins of the National Text Your Ex Day are as elusive as the texts from your ex that the day commemorates. We detected an astounding 4481 mentions online, the most of which happened on a spooky Halloween Eve, October 31, 2019.

Why Text Your Ex?

Now, here's the million dollar question - why would anyone in their right mind want to text their ex? Is it to rekindle old flames, or to show off how much better you've become without them? Or simply for the fun of it, in the spirit of the day? The real reasons are as diverse as the crowd that commemorates this curious day.

Proceed With Caution

Remember folks, with great power comes great responsibility. While it can be tempting to dive headfirst into old conversations, always ask yourself - what's your end game? The path of texting one's ex is laden with the potential for a rollercoaster of emotions. So before you hit send, take a deep breath, and think. Don't just do it because, well, there's a national day for it!

History behind the term 'Text Your Ex'


The Rise of Text Messaging

Text messaging, also known as SMS (Short Message Service), gained popularity in the late 1990s as mobile phones became more advanced and affordable. This technology allowed users to send short written messages to one another, changing the way people communicate and paving the way for new cultural phenomena.


The Era of Breakup Texts Begins

By 2004, text messaging had become a ubiquitous form of communication, including within romantic relationships. As technology continued to advance, more and more people started using text messages to break up with their partners, leading to the emergence of the term 'text your ex.' This phenomenon gained momentum as it offered a convenient and emotionally distant way to end relationships.


The Popularity of 'Text Your Ex' Memes

In 2013, the term 'text your ex' became widely recognized, thanks in part to the rise of social media and internet memes. Memes featuring humorous or relatable scenarios related to contacting one's ex through text messages started circulating online, capturing the attention of a larger audience and solidifying the term's cultural impact.


The 'Text Your Ex' Day Trend

In recent years, 'Text Your Ex' Day has emerged as a social media trend, usually occurring on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. This day encourages individuals to reach out to their ex-partners via text message, for closure, nostalgic reminiscing, or simply to reconnect on friendly terms. It has gained attention as a fun and lighthearted way to reflect on past relationships.


Continued Influence and Evolution

The term 'text your ex' continues to be a prominent part of popular culture, reflecting the enduring impact of technology on relationships. While some people use it as a means to mend fences or express lingering emotions, others see it as a cautionary reminder of the complexities of reopening old wounds. Whether embraced or cheekily acknowledged, 'text your ex' remains a fascinating phenomenon.

Did you know?

Did you know that according to a survey conducted by, people who type faster tend to make shorter and more concise texts? So next time you text your ex, maybe check your typing speed first!


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