National Thomas Day

A group of cheerful people named Thomas gathered together, sharing a toast and wearing colorful party hats. They are surrounded by books, trains, and musical instruments. Each person is dressed in a unique style, showcasing different historical eras such as medieval, Victorian, and modern fashion. In the background, there are subtle references to famous Thomases throughout history, like Thomas Aquinas, Dylan Thomas, and Thomas the Tank Engine. The scene is filled with warmth and excitement, capturing the diverse interests and camaraderie of the Thomases celebrating National Thomas Day..
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If you've found yourself on the internet wondering why there's a sudden surge of mention for a particular Thomas, you're not alone! Welcome to our article on the National Thomas Day. Where we say 'Hats off' to all the Thomases out there, whether human, train, or cat!

When is Thomas Day?

It's national thomas day on the 1st July.

The Phenomenon that is National Thomas Day

You probably didn't wake up thinking you'd learn something new about a day dedicated to honoring Thomases. Yet, here we are! National Thomas Day, despite rising in online mentions only 4 times, has stirred up a fair amount of curiosity.

The Rise in Popularity

The event saw its peak in online mentions on July 1, 2015. This was likely due to Thomases worldwide finally deciding they needed their day in the sun! (Or perhaps a group of fans rallying in support for their favorite Thomas the Tank Engine episode.

What's in a Name?

'Thomas' is a common name rooted in history, derived from the Aramaic word for 'twin.' Even though not all Thomases are twins, on this day, we're all a little 'Thomas.'

Celebrating National Thomas Day

How does one celebrate National Thomas Day? Perhaps start by greeting your nearest Thomas with a hearty 'Happy Thomas Day!' Or, if you're feeling adventurous, binge-watch all the Thomas & Friends series, dig into St. Thomas Aquinas's summa theologica, or appreciate the works of Dylan Thomas!

History behind the term 'Thomas'

14th century

Origin as a given name

The term 'Thomas' originated in the 14th century as a given name. It is derived from the Aramaic name 'Toma,' meaning 'twin.' This biblical name gained popularity due to the apostle Thomas, who is famously known as 'Doubting Thomas.'

16th century

Surname adoption

In the 16th century, 'Thomas' started to be used as a surname. Many individuals adopted their family names based on their given names, and 'Thomas' was a common choice. It became a way to identify familial connections and lineage.

18th century

Thomas as a generic term

By the 18th century, 'Thomas' had evolved beyond a personal name or surname and began to be used in a more generic sense. It started to denote a common man or any male individual. This usage reflected the increasing popularity of the name and its association with ordinary people.

20th century

Thomas becomes a brand

In the 20th century, 'Thomas' gained prominence as a brand name. The most notable example is the children's character 'Thomas the Tank Engine,' created by Reverend Wilbert Awdry in 1946. The beloved anthropomorphized steam locomotive inspired a franchise that includes books, television shows, and merchandise.

21st century

Internet meme and cultural references

In the 21st century, 'Thomas' found its way into internet culture. The catchy theme song of 'Thomas the Tank Engine' became a popular remix used in memes and viral videos, creating a new cultural phenomenon. The name 'Thomas' became associated with humor, nostalgia, and nostalgia.

Did you know?

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison, two iconic figures in American history, share the same first name but contributed vastly different things to society? So, whether you're drafting a constitution or inventing a light bulb, Thomas is a powerful name to live up to!


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1st July 2015

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