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Hold on to your hats...or rather, your thongs! Not to worry, we're talking about the classic flip-flop style shoes predominantly worn down under. Thongs, as our Aussie mates know them, celebrate their very own day in the sun - National Thong Day!

When is Thong Day?

It's national thong day on the 13th August.

A Brief History Of Thong Day

Despite only having 12 online mentions, National Thong Day has made quite the impression since its inception. Firmly planting its footprint on the 13th of August, 2019, this day is about celebrating the humble, but quintessential, casual footwear that defines Australian beach culture.

Thongs, Flip Flops or Jandals?

This event also known as National Flip Flop Day or National Jandal Day in other parts of the globe is a call to free those feet (and toes), and slide into the sheer comfort of this minimalistic footwear - thongs! Just a simple sole and a Y-shaped strap yet it has transformed the way we navigate sandy shores, poolside areas, and even summer street fashion with ease, and yes, some silly tan lines.

How To Celebrate

So, how should one mark the occasion? The best way, without a doubt, is to wear your favourite pair of thongs and imprint those 'V' shapes in the sand at your local beach, around town or even in your backyard. If you're feeling ambitious, you could try your hand at setting a world record for the longest thong throwing competition or sticking to tradition with games of 'Two-up'. National Thong Day is all about having fun and enjoying the freedom and simplicity that thongs offer. So, grab a pair and join in the fun!

History behind the term 'Thong'


The Birth of the Thong

In 1939, the term 'thong' was first introduced as a noun to describe a narrow strip of leather or fabric worn between the big toe and the second toe to hold a sandal or a shoe in place. This was a practical solution to ensure footwear stability during outdoor activities.


The Beachwear Revolution

It wasn't until 1974 that the term 'thong' took on a new meaning and became associated with a type of skimpier beachwear. Rudi Gernreich, an avant-garde fashion designer, introduced the 'monokini' – a provocative swimsuit that left the breasts exposed but covered the lower part of the body using a narrow strip of fabric. The media quickly dubbed it the 'thong' due to its characteristic narrow design at the back.


Rise of Popularity

During the 1980s, the thong gained popularity among beachgoers and fashion enthusiasts alike. As celebrities started wearing thong swimsuits and underwear, it started to become a symbol of confidence and liberation. The revealing nature of the thong ignited debates on modesty and personal expression.


Thong Underwear Craze

In the 1990s, the thong trend exploded in the underwear department. It became an icon of sensuality and sex appeal, making it a must-have item for many women. The influence of pop culture and music videos further amplified the thong's prominence, with artists like Sisqó's 'Thong Song' hitting the charts in 2000.


Thong Variations and Innovations

As the 2000s arrived, the thong underwent various incarnations. Designers began experimenting with materials, cuts, and embellishments, offering a wide range of options to suit individual preferences. From seamless designs to bedazzled creations, the thong became more versatile and catered to various fashion tastes.

Present Day

Continuing Influence

Today, the thong remains a popular choice for many beachgoers and is a staple in lingerie collections worldwide. It has evolved from a functional accessory to an iconic symbol of confidence, freedom, and self-expression. While controversy surrounding the thong persists, its impact on popular culture and fashion is undeniable.

Did you know?

Did you know? Thongs, apart from being the summer footwear of choice, also help people stay cool as the soles of your feet have lots of sweat glands, and these shoes allow your feet to sweat and cool naturally.


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