National Thrift Shop Day

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Ever walked into a store, gasped in delight at the price tag on that vintage Levi's jacket, and thought 'Why am I not shopping here more often'? Well, allow us to introduce to you the holiday of your dreams — National Thrift Shop Day! Yes, folks, there's an entire day dedicated to thrifting, and we dive into all its second-hand glory in this article.

When is Thrift Shop Day?

It's national thrift shop day on the 17th August.

A Brief History

Who would have thought that being thrifty could spark off such celebrations? But the internet never forgets, and our records indicate 2985 mentions of this second-hand wonderland day. The peak of this frenzy? 17th August 2015 — a red-letter day for thrifters! Wading through the annals of the internet, little pops up about the origins of this fantastic day. We suspect it was picked up by smart shoppers who understood that second-had didn't mean second-best.

Why Thrift?

There are great reasons to get on this bandwagon. Environmentally friendly? Check. Wallet-friendly? Double-check! Thrifting is a fantastic way to save some dough while doing your bit for the environment. There's nothing thriftier (and greener) than reusing. Each garment saved is one less in the landfill. Plus, the treasure hunt like excitement could give Indiana Jones a run for his money.

The Thrift Shop Revolution

No more are thrift stores the location of last resort; they are the hottest destination now! With popular influencers and even big celebs shopping second-hand, the thrift shop stigma is long gone. So, put on your comfy shoes, and get ready to find the diamond in the rough, because there's no telling what unique products lay in wait for you!

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'thrift shop' originates from the Scottish 'thrift', meaning 'prosperous'? So, in essence, each time you thrift, you're on your way to prosperity!


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