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Hey there, thrift store enthusiasts! Get ready to indulge in some frugal fun because National Thrift Store Day is here! It's time to uncover hidden treasures, shop sustainably, and find unique items that will make your friends say, 'Where did you get that?!' So tighten your purse strings and let's dive into the world of thrift store shopping.

When is Thrift Store Day?

It's national thrift store day on the 17th August.

The Origins of National Thrift Store Day

Every year, on August 17th, thrift stores across the nation celebrate National Thrift Store Day. But how did this marvelous day come to be? Well, it all started with a brilliant idea, a sprinkle of nostalgia, and a lot of bargain hunting.

Back in 2015, the internet exploded with excitement for thrift stores. People were sharing their fabulous finds, posting before-and-after pictures of their thrifted treasures, and giving shoutouts to their favorite secondhand haunts. The buzz was so infectious that the folks at decided to make it official and designate a day solely dedicated to celebrating the wonders of thrift store shopping.

Thrift Store Fun Facts

Did you know that thrift stores aren't just for finding vintage clothing and quirky knick-knacks? They are also a hub for unique DIY projects! Many crafty individuals flock to thrift stores to find materials for their arts and crafts endeavors. From repurposing old furniture to creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

History behind the term 'Thrift Store'


The Rise of the Rummage Sale

In 1879, the term 'thrift store' was not yet in existence. However, the concept of secondhand sales became popularized through rummage sales, which were often held by churches and charitable organizations. These sales offered a way for people to donate and purchase gently used items at a fraction of their original cost. Rummage sales promoted frugality and the idea of reusing rather than wasting, setting the stage for the emergence of thrift stores in the future.


The Birth of the Societies for Thrift

In 1899, the term 'thrift store' began to take shape. This was the year when Societies for Thrift, such as the Goodwill Industries and the Salvation Army, were founded. These organizations aimed to provide job training and employment opportunities for underprivileged individuals through the collection, repair, and sale of donated goods. The term 'thrift store' gradually became associated with these charitable enterprises that focused on promoting thriftiness and offering affordable items to the community.


The Rise of the Red Cross Thrift Shops

By 1921, thrift stores were gaining popularity not only for their affordability but also as a means to support charitable causes. The American Red Cross started operating thrift shops across the United States. These shops allowed the Red Cross to generate funds for their humanitarian efforts, enabling them to provide assistance during disasters and support communities in need. The Red Cross thrift shops became an integral part of the organization's fundraising strategy and further solidified the concept of thrift stores in society.


The Post-War Boom of Thrift Stores

After World War II, the popularity of thrift stores surged. The wartime rationing and economic constraints made thrifty shopping a necessity for many. Thrift stores offered affordable clothing, furniture, household items, and more, catering to individuals and families looking to rebuild their lives after the war. This post-war period marked a significant expansion of thrift stores, particularly in the United States, as they became a symbol of resilience and resourcefulness in times of economic recovery.

Did you know?

Fun Fact: Some thrift stores hold 'mystery bag' sales where you can purchase a bag of items without knowing what's inside. It's like a surprise party, but for your closet!


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