National Throw A Short Person Day

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Hey there, height appreciators! Curious about "National Throw A Short Person Day", aren't we? Well, strap on your safest throwing gloves because you're in for an uplifting—technically, up-throwing—journey. Don't sweat it if you're short, we'll keep you grounded. We promise, this day is all about love and laughter.

When is Throw A Short Person Day?

It's national throw a short person day on the 24th October.

A Lift from the Internet

Oh, the things you find on the internet! Our data spies spotted 123 mentions of "National Throw A Short Person Day" with the day surging in popularity on October 24, 2020. Now, we're not ones to condone tossing people about, but it seems cyberspace has its own rules.

Weighing the Spirit of the Day

Don't go practicing your caber toss just yet! As zany as it sounds, the day is more about embracing the comical diversity of heights rather than showcasing your discus-throwing skills. It's a mischievous nod to the fun of being a short person in a world that so often goes over their heads. So, put down your short friend, Bob, and give him a hug instead.

Tall Tale or Short Joke?

As for official recognition—you can stop craning your necks—the holiday doesn’t technically exist in calendars of national observances. But, hey, who needs an official stamp when tall tales...or short jokes can be so much fun. So, maybe we can turn it around to celebrate our vertically challenged friends by lifting their spirits, not their bodies.

Heightening Awareness

It’s a strange world online, but if this imaginary day can bring us genuine laughs and create dialogues about diversity and acceptance, then isn't it worth it? Let's celebrate our differences, even differences in height, with humor as our common denominator.

History behind the term 'Throw A Short Person'


Origin in carnival games

The term 'throw a short person' originates from carnival games that were popular in the 19th century. One such game involved throwing balls at targets to win prizes. In these games, short individuals were often used as targets because of their smaller stature, making it more challenging for participants to hit them.


Cultural impact of minstrel shows

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, minstrel shows were a form of popular entertainment in which white performers painted their faces black to mock African Americans. These shows often portrayed racial stereotypes and utilized derogatory language, including 'throw a short person,' which further perpetuated the idea of using shorter individuals for amusement and ridicule.


Evolution in slang language

As time went on, the term 'throw a short person' became part of slang language, particularly in informal conversations and among certain social groups. Although it lost its direct association with the carnival games and minstrel shows, it continued to carry a derogatory connotation, implying the act of using someone for amusement or treating them as an object of mockery.


Recognition of offensive nature

In the 1980s, there was a growing awareness of the harm caused by derogatory language and practices targeting specific groups of people. The term 'throw a short person' came under scrutiny for its offensive nature, as it perpetuated stereotypes and belittled individuals based on their height. Efforts were made to discourage the usage of such terms and promote inclusivity.


Promoting respect and dignity

Today, it is widely recognized that using the term 'throw a short person' is derogatory and disrespectful. Society has become more aware of the impact of language on marginalized groups and strives to promote respect and dignity for all individuals. Instead, the focus is on celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive environment where people are valued for their qualities and contributions, rather than their physical characteristics.

Did you know?

Did you know an internet joke like 'National Throw A Short Person Day' is a humorous way of reminding us of the importance of height diversity? Interestingly, it also gives us a chance to appreciate and understand the experiences of shorter people.


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