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Hold onto your hats, folks, because it's time to delve into the thrilling history of National Tom Day, where those who bear the great name of Tom step into the spotlight to applause, cheers, and maybe an occasional 'whoop'! The sounds aren't deafening - well, not yet - since we've detected only 5 mentions online, but hey, every internet phenomenon had to start somewhere, right?

When is Tom Day?

It's national tom day on the 4th August.

The Emergence of National Tom Day

From our data, it looks like the Tom train really started to chug on 04 Aug 2020. That's right, a glorious day when the sun shone brightly upon Toms everywhere, and Tom-related posts lit up the internet like a Tom-themed disco! And if you’re wondering 'why Tom?' Well, who among us can’t think of a legendary Tom or two? Think of Tom Hanks, Tom Hardy... err, Tom and Jerry! Toms have been leaving their mark on our lives for decades.

Why is National Tom Day Important?

You might be asking, 'Why does Tom get his own day?'. Why does love get Valentine's Day? Why does chocolate have its own dedicated 24 hours? It's because, in this crazy spinning world, sometimes we need to pause and just appreciate Toms. National Tom Day is our opportunity to indulge in Tom-tastic celebration and give due respect to the Toms in our lives. All hail the Toms!

Famous People Named Tom

As mentioned before, there's no shortage of famously awesome Toms. Everyone’s got their favorite - from Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks, NFL superstar Tom Brady to character of mischievous cartoon Tom (remember Tom and Jerry?) So, this National Tom Day, take a moment to reflect on your favorite Tom, real or fictional, and perhaps even send them a shout-out online. After all, they are the reason behind this day.

Making National Tom Day Bigger

Currently, National Tom Day may not be as well-known as other name day celebrations. That’s where you come in! Share this article. Send a tweet. Spread some Tom-love. You never know, you might just help turn this day into a national phenomenon. Or, at least, a day where Toms get a free cup of coffee at Starbucks. One can dream, right?

History behind the term 'Tom'

c. 1300 AD

The Birth of Old English 'tōm'

The term 'tom' originated from the Old English word 'tōm', which meant 'empty' or 'free from that which fills or occupies.' It was commonly used in Middle English as a prefix to denote something being empty or void of substance. Over time, 'tōm' evolved and took on various meanings and contexts.

16th Century AD

A Nickname for the Name Thomas

During the 16th century, 'tom' was adopted as a common nickname for the name Thomas. Thomas, derived from the Aramaic word for 'twin,' gained popularity throughout Europe and became one of the most frequently used masculine given names. 'Tom' became a familiar and endearing way to refer to individuals named Thomas.

18th Century AD

Term of Familiar Address for Men

By the 18th century, 'tom' had expanded its usage and started to be used as a term of familiar address for men in general. It became a casual, informal way to refer to a male friend, companion, or acquaintance. This usage eventually led to the creation of phrases like 'good old Tom' or 'Tom, Dick, and Harry,' indicating any random or ordinary individuals.

19th Century AD

Pleasing Melody in Musical Slang

In the 19th century, 'tom' took on another meaning within music slang. It referred to a pleasing, catchy melody. This usage likely stemmed from the association of 'tom' with familiarity and enjoyment. Musicians would refer to such melodies as 'a real tom' or 'a tom tune.' The term became particularly popular in the United States during this time.

20th Century AD

Drumming Terminology

In the realm of drumming, 'tom' gained significance during the 20th century. When discussing drum kits, 'tom' referred to a cylindrical drum without snares. These drums were usually tuned to different pitches, enabling drummers to create intricate rhythms. 'Tom-tom' became the common name for these drums, and the term quickly became synonymous with drumming culture.

Did you know?

Did you know that the name Tom was extremely popular in the mid 20th century? It peaked in popularity in 1947 which means, if there's a Tom in your life, there's a chance he might be a knowledgeable and wise septuagenarian!


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