National Toothache Day

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Happy Toothache Day to all the teeth of the world! Now, I know what you're thinking, 'Isn't every day toothache day for most of us with sweet tooth syndromes?' Fear not, this day isn't a global campaign to give everyone toothaches, but rather, a unique day to raise awareness about dental health and the importance of regular check-ups – yes, that includes you, candy lovers!

When is Toothache Day?

It's national toothache day on the 9th February.

The Root of the Matter: How did Toothache Day Begin?

As fascinating as the internet folklore goes, the birth of the National Toothache Day is steeped in as much mystery as your last lost milk tooth. While not many concrete sources are able to pin down the exact roots (pun intended), it seems like the origin might be linked to the date of when Hershey’s Chocolate Corporation was founded. Coincidence? Probably not as sweet as you’d think!

A Sugar-coated History

Our sources showed there were around 2836 online mentions of this day, many of which were on February 9, 2016. As having a toothache has become as commonplace as seeing new candy bars on the supermarket shelf, it's no wonder that folks would share their woes and simultaneously spread caution about candy-induced cavities on the same day.

Why Should You Floss Over This

Well, besides the fact that no one really enjoys an aching molar, National Toothache Day serves as that friendly, somewhat annoying reminder that taking good care of your teeth is not just for six-year-olds obsessed with their shiny dental star stickers. It's for every chocolate addict, ice cream enthusiast, and passionate popcorn muncher. It’s a day to share your tales of sweet-tooth exploits and toothy adventures with the world, all while encouraging a regular rendezvous with your toothbrush and dental floss.

Did you know?

Did you know? Elephants have the longest toothache of all! Their teeth can weigh over six pounds and measure a foot long. Makes your toothache seem a bit less dramatic, doesn't it?


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31st October 2015

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9th February 2016

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