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Put on your explorer's hat, dust off your adventurous spirit, and ready your taste buds because it’s time to talk about National Try Something New Day! This is the one day of the year that challenges you to, well, try something new – it's all there in the title really.

When is Try Something New Day?

It's national try something new day on the 29th July.

A Day to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

National Try Something New Day emerged in our online consciousness in the early 2000s, around the same time as ‘fro-yo’ and people saying ‘bling’. Riding the wave of other self-improvement and novelty days, it encourages people to shake up their routine, dare to dream, and quite literally, do something they've never done before.

29th July 2018 - A Day to Remember

Based on our robust 'mention-detection’ algorithm, we found that the day reached its peak in popularity on the 29 July 2018 when it was mentioned a whopping 2923 times online! This makes it almost as popular as the latest cat video. Almost. What caused this sudden flurry of excitement for new things? Well, we're not entirely sure, but it might have something to do with a nationwide push to try avocado toast. Or was it the day everyone tried to learn the Floss dance? The internet works in mysterious ways, my friend.

How Can You Celebrate?

To celebrate, you just need to do something you've never done before. It could be as simple as trying a new cuisine, learning a new word in a foreign language or attempting to knit. If you’re feeling especially brave, you might even try skydiving (or indoor skydiving for the less adrenaline-fuelled among us).

A Day for Everyone

Whether you’re the adventurous type, or if your idea of adventure is trying a new flavour of a biscuit, there’s joy in the novelty of the unfamiliar. National Try Something New Day asks you to face the fear of the unknown, yet assures you that it's okay if you don’t end up loving it. Just take a chance and make a memory.

History behind the term 'Try Something New'


Origin of the term 'try something new'

The term 'try something new' originated in 1803 as a reflection of the changing mindset during the Industrial Revolution. This period marked a shift towards innovation and experimentation in various fields, including technology, industry, and fashion. People began to embrace the idea of stepping outside of their comfort zones and exploring new experiences.


Expansion of international trade

By 1850, advancements in transportation and communication had made it easier for goods and ideas to flow across borders. This led to an increased exchange of cultures and cuisines, encouraging individuals to try new foods, spices, and cooking techniques from different regions of the world.


Roaring Twenties and Jazz Age

During the 1920s, known as the Roaring Twenties or Jazz Age, society experienced a wave of cultural liberation. This period saw the rise of jazz music, dance crazes like the Charleston, and the emergence of flapper fashion. The term 'try something new' became popularized as a mantra for embracing the spirit of adventure and breaking away from traditional norms.


Counterculture movement

In the 1960s, the counterculture movement emerged as a response to the societal and political tensions of the time. It emphasized individualism, personal freedom, and experimentation. The term 'try something new' gained prominence among the youth who sought to challenge established social norms, advocating for civil rights, peace, and the exploration of alternative lifestyles.


Globalized world and personal growth

With the advent of the internet and globalization in the 1990s, the world became increasingly interconnected. This opened up opportunities for individuals to access information about different cultures, cuisines, and activities. The idea of 'try something new' gained popularity as people recognized the importance of continuous personal growth and expanding their horizons in an ever-evolving global society.


Embracing new experiences

Today, the term 'try something new' serves as a reminder to step outside of one's comfort zone and embrace new experiences. It encourages individuals to strive for personal growth, broaden their perspectives, and explore the world around them. From trying new foods to learning new skills or traveling to unfamiliar destinations, the concept of 'trying something new' has become an integral part of modern lifestyle and self-improvement.

Did you know?

Did you know that the majority of internet users celebrate National Try Something New Day by trying a new food? It's true – we're all foodies at heart!


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