National Vietnam Veterans Day

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Ah, the internet, doing a spectacular job as always, this time reminding us to respect and remember our heroes with National Vietnam Veterans Day! A day marked by 2903 online mentions and that hit its peak on the 29th of March 2021. Get ready to doff your hats (or click your mice?) in tribute.

When is Vietnam Veterans Day?

It's national vietnam veterans day on the 29th March.

A Salute to the Internet and our Veterans

As you sip your morning coffee and browse avidly through your social feed, there's always that one post that makes you pause, remember, and pay tribute. On the 29th of March, National Vietnam Veterans Day sparks precisely that sentiment, stirred by nearly three thousand mentions calling us to remember our brave service men and women.

Internet Memories on Duty

The internet can be a mom's attic of sorts, storing memories, both delightful and somber. It dusts off these memories annually, introducing new cohorts of netizens to days of significance, like National Vietnam Veterans Day. The heroes of yesteryears are thus digitally immortalized, their stories echoing across the vast vaults of the World Wide Web.

29th of March - A day to Remember

The internet has selected the 29th of March as the peak day in terms of mentions and engagement. A day that's often accompanied with virtual poppies, heart emojis and hashtags - reminding us all of the severity of war and the unyielding courage of our veterans.

Engagement Beyond Borders

Think global, act local? The World Wide Web says, 'why not both?' National Vietnam Veterans Day, though decidedly American in its origin, sees global engagement stemming from the universal respect for those who have served. So, while you might be waving the Stars and Stripes in your American backyard, it's comforting to know that somewhere far away, someone else is acknowledging and honoring the same cause.

History behind the term 'Vietnam Veterans'


US sends advisors and support to South Vietnam

In 1961, the United States began sending military advisors and increased support to South Vietnam in an effort to help stabilize the region and stop the spread of communism. This marked the beginning of the US involvement in the Vietnam War.


Mass deployment of US troops

By 1965, the US had escalated its involvement in Vietnam. Over 180,000 US troops were deployed to fight alongside the South Vietnamese forces against the communist North Vietnam and the Viet Cong guerrillas.


US withdrawal from Vietnam

In 1973, the Paris Peace Accords were signed, and the US officially withdrew its troops from Vietnam. This marked the end of direct US military involvement in the war, but the conflict continued between North and South Vietnam.


Fall of Saigon

In 1975, North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), which was the capital of South Vietnam. This event marked the end of the Vietnam War and the reunification of Vietnam under communist rule.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedication

In 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C. The memorial honors all the members of the US armed forces who served in the Vietnam War, including those who were killed or went missing in action. It has become an iconic symbol of remembrance and healing for Vietnam veterans.


National Vietnam Veterans Day established

In 1987, the US Congress designated March 29th as National Vietnam Veterans Day. This day is observed to honor and recognize the contributions and sacrifices of Vietnam War veterans. It serves as a way to express gratitude and provide support to the veterans who served their country during the war.

Did you know?

Did you know on National Vietnam Veterans Day, many people change their profile pictures on social media platforms with a 'We remember' banner to pay tribute to Veterans? It's a simple yet powerful display of solidarity.


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