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Pull up a seat, my friend! Today we are diving into the crystal clear, spirit-soaked world of National Vodka Day. Oh yes, this is a celebration that has steadily gained momentum online since we started tracking it, accumulating a staggering 35262 mentions. Pour yourself a measure of your favorite vodka (don't worry, we'll wait), and let's discover all there is to know about this revered day.

When is Vodka Day?

It's national vodka day on the 4th October.

A Brief History of National Vodka Day

Vodka, a drink typically associated with Russian origins, dates back to the 8th century. However, it wasn't until October 4th of 2009 that the first known celebration of National Vodka Day was observed. A fine day when toastmasters and tipplers united to raise a glass in appreciation of this clear, versatile spirit.

The Rise of the Digital Cheers

Our data shows that the internet's enthusiasm for National Vodka Day has picked up pace like one too many vodka martinis on a Saturday night. The most noticeable surge in internet chatter around this day happened on October 4th, 2016. It seems that vodka, like a finely crafted punchline, only gets better as time goes on.

Why We Celebrate

National Vodka Day is not just an excuse to indulge in this much-loved spirit, but also to honor the artistry, tradition, and passion in every distilled drop. It’s a day to explore new brands, mix in delightful cocktails or simply appreciate it neat, while sharing stories, laughter, and of course, your favorite toasts. So, here's to National Vodka Day! Or as they say in Russia, 'Na zdorovie!'

Did you know?

Did you know that vodka is the world's most consumed spirit? Now, that's a fact worth raising a glass to!


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11th March 2015

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4th October 2016

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