National Voice Actor Day

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Hey there, fellow voice enthusiasts! Get ready to celebrate National Voice Actor Day in style! This is the perfect day to honor those talented individuals who bring animated characters to life, lending their voices to make us laugh, cry, and feel all the feels. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the fascinating world of voice acting!

When is Voice Actor Day?

It's national voice actor day on the 18th July.

The Birth of National Voice Actor Day

Every year on July 18th, people from all corners of the internet gather to celebrate National Voice Actor Day. This special day is dedicated to recognizing the incredible skills and hard work of voice actors who breathe life into our favorite cartoons, video games, and films.

While the exact origins of this day remain a bit of a mystery, we can speculate that it emerged from the deep online trenches where fans and aspiring voice actors come together to express their admiration for this unique craft. Thanks to the power of social media and the internet, National Voice Actor Day has gained significant attention and appreciation.

The Magic Behind the Mic

Voice acting is a distinct art form that requires exceptional talent and versatility. These gifted individuals use their vocal cords as paintbrushes, creating vibrant characters that resonate with audiences worldwide. They bring to life beloved heroes, dastardly villains, and quirky companions, captivating our imaginations.

Some of the most iconic characters in entertainment history have been the result of a talented voice actor stepping into the recording booth. Imagine watching your treasured animated movie without the enchanting voice of Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin or without Tom Hanks lending his sincerity to Woody in Toy Story. It just wouldn't be the same!

Voice actors possess the ability to infuse personality, emotion, and nuance into their performances solely through their vocal range. Their commanding voices have the power to make us sob uncontrollably one minute and burst into fits of laughter the next. It's a truly magical craft.

Recognizing Our Favorite Voice Actors

On National Voice Actor Day, it's essential to pay homage to the voices that have filled our childhoods with joy and shaped our love for storytelling. Take a moment to appreciate the remarkable work of voice actors like Mel Blanc, the legendary voice behind Bugs Bunny and countless Looney Tunes characters, or the incomparable Tara Strong, who has lent her voice to characters like Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.

These talented individuals often go unrecognized, hidden behind the characters they portray. So, let's shine a spotlight on their incredible contributions and express our gratitude for the unforgettable moments they've given us.

Did you know?

Did you know that the voice acting industry has a secret language known as 'vocal fry'? It's a technique used by voice actors to create gravelly or deep voices. So, the next time you hear a character with a low and rumbling voice, you'll know they've employed the power of vocal fry!


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