National Voters Day

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Who knew the internet was voting for something other than the cutest cat video or the most dramatic reality TV exit? That's right folks, the online world takes a pause from kitten giggles and melodrama, to celebrate National Voters Day. An occasion to tip our hat to the voting process, reminding ourselves that democracy needs us as much as we need a good WiFi connection!

When is Voters Day?

It's national voters day on the 25th January.

History of National Voters Day

The responsibility that comes with exercising one's right to vote is colossal, just like our love for fresh memes. Hence, the internet erupted with mentions of National Voters Day, a whopping 20,715 times, with the highest mentions seen on January 25, 2021. Makes one wonder, is cyber voting a thing now?

Significance of National Voters Day

This day is not just about ticking a box next to a candidate's name. It's about having a say in the future, kind of like how we collectively decided that the dab was no longer cool (RIP, Dab). This day is meant to make us appreciate our small part in driving forward the Titanic of democracy. It's also to remind us that every vote counts, much like every like, share and comment that keeps the internet alive.

Online Celebrations

With the world going digital, National Voters Day is celebrated online with gusto. From influencers vouching for their candidates to hilarious voting memes, there's not a dull moment on this day. It's like the Superbowl, but for the democratic process. Don't just watch, get involved - make your vote your voice. Remember how we all rallied to save our favourite TV show from being cancelled? Similar energy, folks!

Did you know?

Did you know, the oldest person to vote in the 2020 US Presidential Election was a feisty 109! Now that's what we call, 'I voted before it was cool'!


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