National Weather Complaint Day

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Did you ever think there would be a whole day devoted to grumbling about the weather? Welcome to National Weather Complaint Day, humorously reminding us that we are never quite happy with the climate!

When is Weather Complaint Day?

It's national weather complaint day on the 24th August.

A Light-hearted Look at National Weather Complaint Day

'Too hot!', 'Too cold!', 'Too rainy!', 'Too dry!' - sound familiar? That's right, we humans have an extraordinary knack for complaining about the weather. And what better way to cherish this universally shared pastime than by dedicating a whole day to it? Enter National Weather Complaint Day, unofficially celebrated every year with its highest online mention peak on the 24th of August, 2018.

The annual unofficial celebration of our collective weather dissatisfaction isn't just a day to grumble about the temperature, oh no! It's a day to complain in grand style. So, hang those thermometers, check your favorite weather app, dust off that age-old idiom about 'raining cats and dogs' or the sun being 'an egg yolk in the sky' and let's get grumpy together!

Why Complain about the Weather?

Well, why not? Humans have been complaining about the weather since time immortal. It's a bonding activity, a conversation starter and an ice breaker all wrapped in one. It doesn’t matter if you are from a sweltering hot country like Sudan, or a freezing cold region like Siberia - Weather is an experience that we all share globally and it affects our moods, plans, and activities. So, let's learn to grumble creatively, shall we?

Celebrating National Weather Complaint Day

How does one celebrate such a day, you ask? Simple. Gather friends and family and have a 'Weather Complaint Party', or take it to social media and post your funny weather annoyance. You could even go the extra mile and plan activities based on the most stereotypical weather conditions in your area. Throw on your Hawaiian shirts for the 'It's too hot!' session, or unpack those winter boots for the 'Brr it's freezing' segment.

Wrap it Up

Regardless of the conditions outside your window, National Weather Complaint Day is a fun and light-hearted way of acknowledging the simple human experience of never being quite content with our temperamental skies. Go ahead, have your say about the sun, rain, wind or snow and join us in this comical celebration of climatic discontent.

History behind the term 'Weather Complaint'

Ancient Times

The Birth of Weather Complaints

The concept of weather complaints can be traced back to the ancient times, where people first began to vocalize their displeasure about the weather. In early civilizations, such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, citizens would often gather and express their frustrations regarding uncomfortable weather conditions. These complaints were mostly shared among individuals and had no formal structure or term associated with them.

14th Century

Emergence of Weather Complaints in Literature

During the 14th century, the term 'weather complaint' started to appear in written literature, particularly in European vernacular poetry and plays. Authors would often include characters who would lament about the weather, using it as a tool to convey emotions or set the mood for a scene. This marked the early recognition of weather complaints as a literary device.

18th Century

Weather Complaints in Everyday Conversations

In the 18th century, weather complaints became a common topic of conversation among friends, acquaintances, and communities. People would engage in discussions about the current weather conditions, expressing their grievances or joys. It became a societal norm to complain about unfavorable weather, establishing the term 'weather complaint' in everyday language.

20th Century

Weather Complaints in Media

With the rise of mass media in the 20th century, weather complaints found a new platform for expression. Newspapers, radio, and television stations started reporting on weather conditions, often inviting listeners and viewers to share their complaints or experiences. As more people engaged with the media, weather complaints became a widely recognized phenomenon, shaping public discourse around the subject.

Present Day

Weather Complaints in the Digital Age

In the present day, the term 'weather complaint' has become deeply ingrained in modern culture. Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, provide individuals with a powerful outlet to voice their weather-related grievances to a broad audience. The hashtag #WeatherComplaint has even emerged as a way to curate and share collective frustrations or humorous anecdotes about the weather. Weather complaints have now transitioned from private conversations to a part of our online identity and daily interactions.

Did you know?

Weather complaint is often considered a universal icebreaker in conversations and social interactions across cultures.


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