National Wedgie Day

A group of friends playfully tugging each other's waistbands, showcasing a playful and lighthearted atmosphere. Their attire includes colorful, patterned boxers and comfy sneakers, creating a casual style. The setting is a sunny park with a playground in the background, emphasizing the schoolyard antics and laughter-filled moments. The image captures the essence of National Wedgie Day, celebrating humor and camaraderie with a touch of mischievous fun..
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Welcome to the hilarious and quirky world of National Wedgie Day, where embarrassment combines with an odd sense of We're-not-sure-if-we-should-be-laughing-or-sympathizing camaraderie! This day sees plenty of underwear yanking, laughter and potentially a few blushes.

When is Wedgie Day?

It's national wedgie day on the 7th July.

History of the Day

While the exact origin of National Wedgie Day is as elusive as the most slippery pair of boxers, it appears its claim to fame grew through the power of the digital sphere. The Day started to gain some cheeky momentum online, with 103 mentions logged on our radar. In fact, July 7th, 2020 saw the most 'undie-lifting' mentions, no doubt causing a few eyebrows (and boxers) to raise in surprise!

A day of hijinks and hilarity

At its core, National Wedgie Day is all about laughter, a good sense of humor, and a dash of sportiness combined with a possibly small dash of slight discomfort. The goal? To create a light-hearted septum that momentarily distracts us from the daily grind and instead focuses on laughter-inducing schoolyard antics.

A quirky tribute to underwear

Let's look at this day as an odd tribute to underwear. It’s common for everyone, yet often overlooked. This day puts it (quite literally) in the spotlight, and gives us a reason to engage in some fun, carefree mischiefs.

Participation and etiquette

When it comes to participation etiquette, it's vital to remember that the aim of the day is fun above all else. Choose your wedgie 'victims' amongst those who would also find it hilarious and avoid anyone having bad day. After all, no one wants to add 'insult to injury' or, in this case, 'wedgie to worry'! Always prioritize respect and consent.

History behind the term 'Wedgie'


The emergence of the term 'wedgie'

The term 'wedgie' first emerged in the 1940s in the United States. It refers to the act of pulling someone's underwear upward, resulting in discomfort or a wedged appearance. Although the exact origins of the term are uncertain, it likely derived from the word 'wedge,' which means to insert or force something into a narrow space.


Wedgies in popular culture

In the 1950s, the term 'wedgie' gained popularity and began to appear in cultural references. It was often used in comedic contexts, both in literature and on the big screen. The humor associated with wedgies stemmed from the embarrassing and uncomfortable nature of the act, making it a common trope in slapstick comedy.


Wedgies in school pranks

During the 1970s, wedgies became more prevalent as a school prank. Students would playfully administer wedgies to their peers, often as a form of teasing or hazing. While mostly harmless, the act reinforced the notion of wedgies as a source of amusement, albeit at the recipient's expense.


Wedgies in popular media

In the 1990s, wedgies gained further exposure through popular media. The term became increasingly referenced in movies, TV shows, and even cartoons. It became a recurring motif in teenage-oriented comedies, further solidifying wedgies as a humorous and recognizable concept within mainstream culture.


Wedgies as a symbol of dominance

As the new millennium began, wedgies started to take on a different connotation. They became associated with dominance and humiliation, portrayed as acts of bullying or coercion. This shift in perception prompted discussions about the harm caused by wedgies and the importance of fostering a respectful and inclusive environment.

Did you know?

Did you know that the word 'wedgie' was added to the dictionary in 2001? Yes, that's right! This humorous act has a place in reputable bookshelves as well.


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5th July 2016

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7th July 2020

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