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Have you ever wondered why there's a sudden surge of posts celebrating women and girls in sports every February? Well, it's because it's National Women and Girls in Sports Day! A day when we cheer our voices hoarse to honor the amazing women who lace up their trainers, don their sports gear, and enter the court, field, or ring to show the world what they're made of.

When is Women And Girls In Sports Day?

It's national women and girls in sports day on the 3rd February.

History of National Women and Girls in Sports Day

Usually marked on the first Wednesday of February, National Women and Girls in Sports Day has its roots in a day that commemorated Olympic volleyball player Flo Hyman in 1987. A true trailblazer for gender equality in sports, Flo set a powerful example for young girls everywhere before her untimely demise. Over time, this day morphed into a broader celebration of women in sports, and we're not complaining!

Internet's Love For This Day

In 2021, our tracker detected a massive spike of 2018 mentions online, with the majority of them on February 3rd. Tweets, Instagram posts, blog posts, you name it! The internet collectively cheered on women in sports, shared inspirational stories, and maybe even picked up a new workout routine or two.

Why this Day Matters?

National Women and Girls in Sports Day is more than just a trend. It's a day of recognition and awareness. It brings to the forefront the achievements of women athletes, the barriers they have overcome, and the battles they still fight for equality in the sports world. It's a day of empowering young girls to dream big, live active, and never let anyone tell them they can't.”

History behind the term 'Women And Girls In Sports'


The Birth of Women's Sports

The term 'women and girls in sports' traces back to the late 19th century when the Women's Sports Foundation was established in 1893. This marked a significant milestone in the promotion of physical activity and sports among women. It aimed to challenge societal norms that restricted women's participation in athletic endeavors.


Formation of the Women's Amateur Athletic Association

In 1921, the Women's Amateur Athletic Association (WAAA) was formed in the United Kingdom. It served as a pioneering organization for the development of women's sports and played a vital role in the recognition and expansion of opportunities for women and girls in sports. The WAAA aimed to coordinate and regulate athletics competitions for women and foster their participation at various levels.


Introduction of Title IX

Title IX, a comprehensive federal law in the United States, was introduced in 1960 to address gender discrimination in education. While not directly related to the term 'women and girls in sports,' Title IX had a profound impact on expanding opportunities for women in athletics at educational institutions. It mandated equal resources, facilities, and support for both men's and women's sports, leading to increased participation and promoting women's sporting achievements.


United Nations Recognizes Women in Sports

In 1972, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly proclaimed 1975 as the International Women's Year. As part of this initiative, the UN acknowledged the importance of women's involvement in sports and physical activities. This recognition further emphasized the significance of promoting and supporting women's participation in sports globally.


The Establishment of Women's Sports Foundation

The Women's Sports Foundation, founded in 1974 by tennis legend Billie Jean King, continued its impactful work by focusing on female empowerment through athletics. Understanding the societal barriers faced by women and girls in sports, the foundation provided support, scholarships, and advocacy for equal opportunities. It has been instrumental in empowering women athletes and raising awareness of gender equality in sports.


London Olympics and Female Representation

The 2012 London Olympics witnessed a significant milestone in women's sports, as it marked the first Games where all participating nations included female athletes. This reinforced the global push for gender equality in sports, highlighting the assertion that women's contributions to athletics should be celebrated and recognized on an international stage.

Did you know?

Did you know that women were not allowed to participate in the modern Olympic Games until the 1900 Summer Olympics? Yes indeed, it was not that long ago!


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