National Women Physicians Day

A group of diverse women physicians in white coats, holding stethoscopes, with a backdrop of a modern hospital, symbolizing their dedication and breaking glass ceilings in medicine..
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How fitting it is to have an entire day dedicated to the real life superheroes in coats who not only treat our sneezes and sprains, but also tackle the mighty task of breaking glass ceilings - our women physicians! National Women Physicians Day, mini heart attack and all, comes with that sweet fragrance of sanitizer, a whole heap of admiration messaged on social media, and the overwhelming joy of 9016 online mentions in a single day!

When is Women Physicians Day?

It's national women physicians day on the 3rd February.

Getting Under The Lab Coat Of Women Physicians Day

National Women Physicians Day catapulted itself into public consciousness on February 3, 2017, marking a frenzy of online celebrations and tipping the scales with an impressive 9016 mentions in a single day. The day is a heartening celebration of the patience, strength, and resilience of women physicians, honoring that stethoscope-wielding community that proves every day that 'Woman + Physician' is a formula for absolute magic.

Why February 3rd?

One simply doesn't celebrate women physicians on any random Tuesday, no siree! February 3rd was deliberately selected to honor the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. It's like celebrating Spiderman on Peter Parker's birthday, as one does of course.

Online Celebrations

What would a celebration be without a good old splash of hashtags and emojis? The day’s peak in 2017 echo the cheer of thousands who showed their solidarity, respect, and gratification to women doctors around the world. Digital cheers took the form of posts, tweets, 'heart reactions' and yes, even those quirky ‘doctor’ filters - making social media a heartening sight of encouragement and support for women in medicine.

History behind the term 'Women Physicians'


The First Woman to Become a Licensed Physician

In 1876, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to earn a medical degree in the United States. Overcoming significant obstacles, she paved the way for women to pursue careers in medicine. Her achievement marked a turning point in the history of women physicians, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.


The Struggle for Acceptance

During the late 19th century and well into the 20th century, women physicians faced tremendous challenges gaining acceptance in the medical profession. Many medical schools refused to admit women, and those who did often treated them differently from their male counterparts. Despite these obstacles, courageous women pursued their passion for medicine, determined to overcome barriers and prove their competence.


Opening Doors to Medical Education for Women

In 1849, the Geneva Medical College in New York became the first institution to accept women into its medical program. Elizabeth Blackwell, the pioneering woman who had earned her medical degree in 1876, played a crucial role in advocating for female medical students and encouraging the establishment of medical schools that admitted women. This significant milestone marked the beginning of increased opportunities for women physicians.


Advancing Women's Representation in Medicine

The 1970s witnessed a significant rise in the number of women pursuing careers in medicine. This surge can be attributed to various factors, including the women's liberation movement and changes in societal attitudes. As more women entered medical schools, the field began to experience a gradual shift towards increased gender diversity. Women physicians brought new perspectives, knowledge, and contributions to the medical profession.

Present Day

Women Transforming Medicine

Today, women continue to make remarkable strides in the field of medicine. They occupy diverse roles, specializing in various disciplines and contributing to groundbreaking research. Women physicians have reshaped healthcare and advanced patient care through their compassion, dedication, and unique perspectives. Their presence as respected professionals in medicine is not only a testament to their abilities but also a celebration of the progress made over the years.

Did you know?

In a highly classic case of proving naysayers wrong, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell applied to over 20 medical schools before being accepted. She later went on to become the first woman with a medical degree in America, giving naysayers what can only be interpreted as the 19th-century equivalent of 'talk to the hand'


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