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Ever wondered why people were suddenly bandying around big beautiful wreaths in the middle of December? Say 'hello' to National Wreaths Across America Day! A day of honor, healing and remembrance, with a generous sprinkle of festive fervor. No, it's not about being the 'Lord of the Rings or Wreaths' but it certainly stands for something much nobler than that.

When is Wreaths Across America Day?

It's national wreaths across america day on the 16th December.

What's the deal with National Wreaths Across America Day?

The day, which saw its online mentions soaring to 2937 on December 16, 2017, was not just another trending hashtag. It carried a profound mission of Remembering the fallen U.S veterans, Honoring those who serve and Teaching the younger generations about the value of freedom. It’s a day to commemorate those who shielded our dreams at the cost of their own.

The Tale of Taps and Triumph

The origin of the day traces back to the Arlington National Cemetery, where in 1992, Morrill Worcester, the owner of a wreath-making business, donated surplus wreaths to the Cemetery. This small act of kindness bloomed into a larger initiative, eventually giving birth to 'National Wreaths Across America Day' in 2008.

Wreaths, More Than Just Decorations

Ever since then, on December 16, people across the U.S lay wreaths on the graves of veterans not just to decorate but to demonstrate their eternal gratitude. So the next time you see a wreath in December, remember, it's more than just a beautiful ring of flowers, it's a silent salute to the brave.

History behind the term 'Wreaths Across America'


Worcester's Remembrance Tradition

In 1992, a tradition began at Arlington National Cemetery that would lay the foundation for Wreaths Across America. Morrill Worcester, the owner of Worcester Wreath Company in Harrington, Maine, found himself needing to dispose of surplus wreaths at the end of the holiday season. Rather than discarding them, he decided to honor and remember the fallen by placing the wreaths on the graves in an older section of Arlington National Cemetery, known as Section 27.


Expansion of the Arlington Tradition

The act of laying wreaths by Morrill Worcester and his team at Arlington National Cemetery gained attention and touched the hearts of many. In 2005, with support from the Maine community and various organizations, wreath-laying ceremonies expanded to cover all the graves at Arlington, which amounted to over 5,000 wreaths. This marked the first year the event was officially known as 'Wreaths Across America.' The participation of volunteers and the media helped spread the message of honoring veterans and their sacrifices.


Nationwide Wreath-Laying Effort

In 2007, the wreath-laying tradition gained further momentum when the Worcester family's dream of honoring veterans in every state became a reality. Recognizing the nationwide appeal and the opportunity to inspire patriotism, Wreaths Across America coordinated simultaneous wreath-laying ceremonies at over 300 locations across the United States, spanning from Bunker Hill to the Pearl Harbor memorial.


International Recognition

Wreaths Across America's impact extended beyond U.S. borders in 2014 when, for the first time, 1,000 wreaths were sent overseas to adorn memorials and cemeteries in Europe, honoring American veterans laid to rest on foreign soil. This international expansion reinforced the message of gratitude and remembrance for those who served courageously around the world.


Year-Round Initiatives

As the program grew, Wreaths Across America expanded its mission to remember, honor, and teach, beyond the traditional wreath-laying event held each December. Throughout the year, various initiatives and educational programs were developed to educate the public about the sacrifices made by veterans and to express gratitude for their service.

Did you know?

Even though the event begins in the holiday season, the wreaths aren't actually intended to celebrate the festivities but they symbolize a full circle of life.


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