School nurse wearing a stethoscope, knitting a scarf of honor, surrounded by colorful artwork and cheerful students..
National school nurse day
A joyful child with a red shirt, eagerly diving into a tub of honey in a whimsical forest setting.
National winnie the pooh day
Young children walking hand-in-hand, wearing backpacks and crossing guard vests, with a colorful school bus in the background..
National walk to school day
Two siblings, a brother and a sister, laughing and playing in a sunny park, dressed in casual summer outfits, surrounded by colorful flowers and picnic blankets..
National brothers and sisters day
A group of smiling children holding hands, wearing colorful clothing, in a school playground, with a deworming awareness poster nearby..
National deworming day
A group of adorable children running through a sunny park, wearing colorful clothes, with playground equipment in the background..
National child health day
A blissful family of four, holding hands and smiling, dressed in casual attire, enjoying a picturesque park setting with autumn leaves..
National adoption day