Close-up of a steaming lobster on a plate, surrounded by beach-themed decor and people enjoying a seafood feast..
National lobster day
A diverse group of people gathered around a table, happily eating dumplings of various shapes and sizes, wearing colorful traditional costumes, in a bustling market setting..
National dumpling day
A person joyfully chopping garlic cloves, wearing a chef's hat, surrounded by a kitchen filled with aromatic herbs and spices..
National garlic day
A child happily eating a bowl of spinach, wearing a superhero cape and surrounded by toys..
National spinach day
A family having a picnic in a park, wearing colorful summer outfits, enjoying outdoor activities and promoting safety..
National injury prevention day
A group of friends gathered around a sizzling skillet of fajitas, wearing colorful sombreros, enjoying a festive Mexican fiesta atmosphere..
National fajita day
Joyful person in a seafood restaurant, smiling while enjoying a plate of shrimp scampi, surrounded by nautical decor and a coastal setting..
National shrimp scampi day
Happy person holding a plate of crispy hashbrowns, wearing a cozy sweater, enjoying a sunny outdoor breakfast scene..
National hashbrown day
Person planting potatoes in a sunny garden, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, gardening gloves, surrounded by colorful flowers..
National potato day
A smiling family surrounded by colorful popcorn kernels, wearing casual clothes, in a cozy living room setting..
National popcorn day
Young children conducting a science experiment in a colorful classroom lab, wearing lab coats and safety goggles, surrounded by beakers and test tubes..
National science day