A group of diverse people gathered in a cozy living room, showing support and empathy for one another, surrounded by books, plants, and warm lighting..
National depression screening day
A diverse group of people holding hands, standing in front of a beautiful scenic backdrop, wearing colorful outfits and expressing support for mental health..
National mental health day
Young woman with long hair, holding scissors and smiling, surrounded by colorful hair accessories and a donation box..
National donate your hair day
A diverse group of people wearing t-shirts with logos of various non-profit organizations, gathered in a park, smiling and holding hands..
National nonprofit day
Group of diverse individuals, embracing each other, lighting memorial candles in a serene park setting..
National holocaust remembrance day
A person sitting on a park bench, holding a smartphone, surrounded by unanswered text message bubbles. Dressed in casual attire, enjoying a sunny outdoor setting..
National not text my ass back day
A person in business attire, spilling coffee on themselves while attempting to shake hands with someone, causing a moment of collective sympathy..
National embarrassment day