Young people of diverse cultures, wearing traditional clothing, joyfully waving flags of their homeland, surrounded by a bustling cityscape..
National liberation day
A group of diverse individuals dressed in superhero costumes, striking heroic poses against a cityscape backdrop..
National heroes day
A police officer in uniform, confidently wearing a badge, standing in front of a bustling city street scene with sirens and lights..
National law enforcement day
A group of Navajo code talkers in military uniforms, with desert landscape in the background, signaling secret coded messages..
National navajo code talkers day
Group of soldiers saluting, dressed in military uniforms, against an American flag backdrop, with an aged, nostalgic filter..
National armed forces day
A diverse group of people, dressed in different uniforms, with diverse backgrounds, standing in front of a waving American flag..
National hereos day
A cheerful school crossing guard standing at a busy intersection, wearing a high visibility jacket and holding a stop sign. They have a warm smile on their face while helping a group of school children cross the road safely. The scene is set on a sunny morning with colorful backpacks and lunch boxes scattered around..
National school crossing guard appreciation day