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Who would have thought we needed a national day to persuade us to hire? Well, it’s a real thing, folks! National Hiring Day has a spotlight on the calendar and a special place in the hearts of job seekers and employers alike. It’s the bridging of the employment gap at its finest, and it deserves a full stage on our site.

When is Hiring Day?

It's national hiring day on the 28th June.

The Unwritten Job Offer

Based on our collection of electrons and pixels, National Hiring Day garnered a gaping 44,792 mentions online – that's enough to build a digital tower of job applications towering over the Shard in London! In the crazy twirl of hashtags and Instagram stories, the day that fetched the most attention was June 28, 2019 – a day that probably saw more job offers than Christmas sees elves.

Infusion of Hires

National Hiring Day is a one-of-a-kind event that puts a spotlight on the importance of hiring and crosses bridges between job seekers and companies. It’s a celebration of unboxing opportunities, slicing through job descriptions, and pouring hope into the hearts of talented individuals in need of employment.

A Day with Unparalleled Significance

But let’s get serious for a moment. National Hiring Day isn’t just about scribbling signatures on contracts. It’s a day where enterprise growth and personal development collide. It gives businesses an opportunity to attract potential talent and get the heartbeat of their companies racing faster with the influx of new ideas and perspectives.

Seizing the Day

So, to all job seekers and corporations, mark your calendars, set alarms, tie a string on your finger, or whatever way you’d remember to seize the day! Toss some old dusty resumes into the bin and instead get engaged with a job description that might just be the golden ticket to your dream job on National Hiring Day!

History behind the term 'Hiring'


Origins in Middle English

The term 'hiring' originates from Middle English, specifically from the word 'hyrian.' During this time, 'hyrian' referred to the act of engaging the services of someone for a particular job or task. It was commonly used to describe the process of employing workers, usually for agricultural or domestic work.


Rise of the Industrial Revolution

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, the term 'hiring' gained momentum and expanded into various industries. It became integral to the growing market economy, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing and mining. 'Hiring' took on a broader meaning, encompassing the recruitment of workers, leasing of machinery, and procuring services for the emerging industrial enterprises.


Emancipation Proclamation

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring freedom for enslaved African Americans in the United States. This historic event had a significant impact on the term 'hiring' as it brought about a fundamental shift in labor dynamics. Former enslaved individuals could now seek employment by offering their services and skills to employers, often through 'hiring' arrangements, leading to greater economic opportunities and mobility.

20th century

Labor Movements and Workers' Rights

Throughout the 20th century, the term 'hiring' became intertwined with the labor movements and the fight for workers' rights. Labor unions and workers' organizations played a crucial role in shaping regulations related to 'hiring.' This period saw the introduction of more comprehensive employment contracts, improved working conditions, and the establishment of minimum wage laws, all aimed at protecting the rights and well-being of workers.


Modern Recruitment Practices

In the present day, the term 'hiring' has evolved further with the advent of technology and the rise of digital platforms. Online job portals, social media networks, and professional networking sites have revolutionized the hiring process, making it more accessible and efficient. Employers and job seekers now have various tools at their disposal to connect, evaluate, and streamline the hiring process, resulting in a more dynamic and global job market.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Hiring Day was most discussed on June 28, 2019? Well, now you do! That day must have seen more job offers flying around than snowflakes in a blizzard – and hopefully, a lot less cold shoulders!


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