A diverse group of people holding hands, dressed in bright colors, surrounded by uplifting messages and symbols of hope..
National suicide prevention day
A group of diverse people gathered in a cozy living room, showing support and empathy for one another, surrounded by books, plants, and warm lighting..
National depression screening day
A diverse group of people holding hands, standing in front of a beautiful scenic backdrop, wearing colorful outfits and expressing support for mental health..
National mental health day
A person wearing a vacation shirt and sunglasses, blowing colorful balloons instead of smoke with a serene beach scene in the background..
National no smoking day
A group of cancer survivors holding hands and smiling, dressed in colorful and diverse outfits, the backdrop showcases famous landmarks worldwide..
National cancer survivor day
A well-dressed veteran holding a briefcase, standing in front of a bustling cityscape, displaying pride and professionalism with an infectious smile..
National hire a veteran day
A physician in a white lab coat with stethoscope, holding hands with supportive friends, against a backdrop of a serene hospital scene..
National physician suicide awareness day
An image of a police officer in uniform, standing proudly with their hand on their badge, surrounded by a peaceful cityscape..
National peace officer memorial day
Transgender person taking an HIV test at a vibrant LGBTQ+ community center, surrounded by supportive friends and rainbow pride flags..
National transgender hiv testing day
A diverse group of individuals holding resume portfolios, wearing business attire, in a bustling urban setting..
National unemployment day